How It All Started…

My name is Dennis Thompson and this is my blog.

I started this blog on the side while working in my lawn care business in 2023.

From my early childhood growing up in Dallas, Texas. During the weekend and summer months, I could be found at my dad’s business. I would ask the mechanics many questions as they were working on cars. I was eager to learn more. Dad sometimes had me doing gopher tasks. but mostly I entertained myself with shop equipment and tinkering around with some personal creative projects.

My father was an auto mechanic by profession and owned a few businesses over the year. Among those is a Phillips 66 gas station & garage. During this time, I first became obsessed with the dream of being a business owner perhaps in bicycle repair and sales.

During the summer, I would often go visit my grandparents who lived on a farm for a week or two at a time. I would also work with my grandfather in his garden. He was a truck farmer and had a few acres of crops. On occasion, I was able to go to town with him when he sold his produce to the public.

 It was a fun time visiting and working in his garden, riding the tractor, tending to farm animals, fishing, and swimming. Sometimes I would help my grandmother with her flower gardens. I would often take off on my own and roam about the farm exploring the pastures, fields, creeks, and ponds.

Sometimes I would also spend weeks during the summers with my cousins who lived in rural south Texas. We would also roam the countryside on foot or bicycle, and then by vehicle. We would go swimming, fishing, target practicing, and hunting. We mostly hunted rabbits, squirrels, birds, and occasionally deer.

At home, my parents grew vegetable gardens, and I also enjoyed working in them. I was even permitted to start a garden of my own. I experimented with germinating seeds, row ridge heights, and planting depths. Only to appreciate that my grandfather knew what he was doing.

Since we had an oversized lawn all the neighborhood kids would come over to play baseball, football, tetherball, horseshoes, shoot hoops, and riding go-carts. When we grew tired of that we would explore the nearby woods.

Somewhere around the age of 16 I became interested in hot rod cars, drag racing, dirt track, IndyCar, and restoring old classics. I began working on my vehicles. One of my favorite projects was doing restoration work on my 36 Dodge coupe.

I played football and ran track in junior high and high school. But I soon realized it was not in the cards for me to be a track star or a pro football player. Instead, I discovered that running-long distances were more my forte.

As a young man, I had a few jobs in various fields. I worked in a fast-food restaurant, retail warehouse, automotive service center, aluminum foundry, and commercial janitorial service with my father-in-law. I served in the U.S. Army in an air defense artillery unit, as a missile launcher crewman.

During my career as an autobody technician, I learned all the aspects of collision repair. I acquired painting skills and became an assistant shop manager. I eventually started purchasing wrecked cars to repair and resale on the side.

I changed careers once more, entering the oil and natural gas industry. I began my career making calls and closing deals by prospecting for qualified investors interested in speculative oil & gas drilling ventures and wind farm direct participation investments. During that time, I also held the following investment securities license series 22, 63, and 6, and also a Group 1 life and health insurance license.

During this time, I also enjoyed golf, hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, water skiing, snorkeling, snow skiing, and sledding with family and friends in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Florida.

My other areas of interest are emerging technologies, travel, photography, learning different languages, health, and fitness, longevity, outdoor grilling, emergency preparedness, survival skills, homesteading, and off-grid living.

In 2006 I purchased a new pickup truck and started Thompson’s Lawn Care Service as a part-time operation. I marketed lawn mowing, bed work, hedge trimming and tree services through door hangers and word of mouth.

In the beginning. I worked by myself on the weekends and on several occasions with the help of family and friends.

Over time, I purchased additional equipment and then expanded into nearby towns. Eventually, I turned the day-to-day operations over to my crew as to devote more time to the insurance industry. Unfortunately, that did not work out so well. However, my heart was always in my lawn service business.

In 2016, after an interesting career in the financial industry. I returned to my lawn maintenance company full-time with a decided focus on growing the lawn maintenance business and developing a broader range of services.

Like many people, I was drawn by the power to grow my business and the desire to earn passive income on the internet.

 I have experience and knowledge in several areas of business, so I started this blog as a place for information, entertainment, and knowledge.

To your success

Dennis Thompson

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